The goal of this project is to create a seven coarse meal for 25+ people from the 12.5 acres of land. This is not just a subsistence meal, it should be a memorable feast.

Though at first glance it may seem easy, the difficulty lies in the fact that once you start to think about things, a proper feast becomes harder than you think. An obvious issue is the lack of dairy products, unless I get a cow or goat. The current plan is to skip the large livestock and that means no butter, cream or milk.

The Rules

  1. Every food item used for the menu must be grown or collected from the property except for two exceptions.
    • Exception #1: Salt
    • Exception #2: Yeast
  2. The meal must be a 7 course meal
  3. Bread must me served
  4. At least one alcoholic drink (wine, beer, cider, etc.) must be served
  5. The feast should be for 25 plus people
  6. Any form of technology can be used to grow or prepare the food